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Short story about us

We are a company that aims to solve the issue of higher institution funding and accessibility of opportunities in the form of vacation programs, bursary applications, networking events, learnership, Internships etc. We aim to increase accessibility to all of the aforementioned and simultaneously provide efficient, effective management between potential finder and student. We achieve all of this through one application.

Our platform’s priority is to increase accessibility to opportunities for students and to streamline the process pertaining to bursary applications. We want to increase student exposure to these various organisations and opportunities and not only bridge the funding gap but also provide value in exposing students and graduates to opportunities.

Our Services

What does Easyburse do?

Easyburse provides a platform whereby students can access bursaries on offer by industry and availability as well as apply for multiple bursaries with one application, your dynamic profile. Openings and closings pertaining to bursaries, internships etc. are brought to your attention via notifications. Your dynamic profile is always accessible by various organisations and upon graduation, we help get you placed into a position in a company relevant to your degree if you have not already been scouted and placed by an organisation through our platform. A selected number, based on our capacity, who did not manage to attain a bursary, internship or employment will be offered additional training which will benefit their employability.

Value proposition: students

  • Platform that facilitates bursary application process;
  • Apply for multiple bursaries using your profile as the application itself;
  • Accessibility to all available bursaries, internships, vacation work and graduate programs;
  • Notifications regarding upcoming business, networking, entrepreneurial events and conferences;
  • Notifications of openings and closings of the aforementioned;
  • A profile that functions as a dynamic cv and application;

Value proposition: company

  • Ability to sort through various applications based on specific search criteria;
  • Sourcing bursary recipients as prospective employees using the database;
  • Provides organizations with the ability to place individuals into their company at their own discretion;
  • The platform streamlined the recruitment process;

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Njabulo Mthanti



Joshua Zeller

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